Data Entry  

Data Entry

  • Entering Item Name
  • Entering Item Price
  • Entering Item Category


 Initial System Setup  

System Initial Setup and Configuration

  • Add All Necessary Business Categories
  • Create Users
  • Create Cashiers' Shortcuts
  • Software & Hardware Integration
  • Add Keyless Entry Information (if needed)
  • Connecting stations to SimpleTouch Point of Sale™ database server
  • Test the Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Test the Cash Drawer Kick Feature
  • Test the Pole Display (if available)
  • Test the touch screen
  • Test the electronic scale (if available)
  • Test Natural Voice Activation (if available)
  • Test barcode scanner programming
  • Setup & Testing daily backup
  • Setup & Testing off site backup (if available)
  • Install Anti-virus Software
  • Install Remote Login Software (if applicable)
  • Full System Testing




  • Cabling up to 100 ft.
  • Parts and Labor
  • Full Network Testing
  • Setup Wireless Network (if necessary)
  • Configure Microsoft Windows Networking Features
  • Setup Windows Firewalls
  • Setup Network Security