NewsSimpleTouch Point of Sale™ is a revolution in Point of Sale technology from DigiComm Solutions Inc. SimpleTouch Point of Sale™ utilizes the top quality POS hardware and software. SimpleTouch Point of Sale™ allows retail businesses to minimize checkout time. Advanced inventory tracking system and generate many customized detailed reports.


SimpleTouch Point of Sale™ Supports Many Businesses

NewsSimpleTouch Point of Sale™ supports most of the retail businesses such as: convenience, grocery, cell phone, hardware, clothing, book, gift, discount dollar, and flower shops and stores. It also supports meat markets and delis.

SimpleTouch Point of Sale™ Key Features

NewsSimpleTouch Point of Sale™ has many features that are useful to your business, the key features for SimpleTouch Point of Sale™ are:

  • Touch Screen Enabled System
  • Natural Voice Activated System (English & Spanish)
  • Rapid Transaction System
  • Advanced Inventory & Shift Tracking System
  • Integrated Credit/Debit/EBT/Apple Pay/Android Pay Card Processing
  • Integrated Apple and Android Pay
  • Advance Return system
  • Custom Dynamic Reporting System

Inventory Control

Advanced Inventory Tracking System that generates multiple customized detail reports.


"Very effective system! It is super easy to track inventory and my financial reports are very clear." Jack Deep (Convenience Store Owner)

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SimpleTouch Point of Sale™ talks to your customers in English or Spanish in a natural human voice.

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Credit Cards

Free Integrated Credit/Debit card processing over the internet with multiple transactions at the same time from different stations.